Period Delay

Want be period-free for an important event or holiday?

We have period delay tablets to help you take control over your period.

Tailored plans just for you.
Licensed Singaporean Doctors.
100% online experience.

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Online medical consultation

For $20, speak to a Singaporean GP to discuss your needs.


Personalised treatment plans

If suitable the Doctor will issue you a prescription.

Speak to a Doctor privately online

Speak to a Doctor from the comfort and privacy of your own home with 100% online video consultations.

No waiting rooms. No pharmacy lines.

Speak to a Doctor privately online

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Lim Xin Tan

The buying process was fuss free and easy. Delivery was super quick and the customer service is good.

Fanny S.

The website is simple and easy to navigate. I appreciate the fast response and convenience, not to mention it’s affordable as well.

Margaret L

My healthcare professional went the extra mile to explain all my options for birth control.


What happens if I miss a day of taking the tablet?

How do period delay tablets work?

Does it work as a birth control? Can I take birth control pills with period delay tablets?

Are there any side effects of taking the tablet? Should I be concerned by any?

What else should I be aware of before taking the tablet?