Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I miss a day of taking the pill?

How will the pill affect my period, which changes should I be concerned by?

How will I know which birth control works best for me?

I’d like to start taking birth control to help with my acne/PCOS, but I'm not sure what the side effects are. What should I know before going on the pill?

What are the side effects of using birth control?

Is there a right age to start taking birth control? (e.g. what happens if someone is in their late 20s and only just considering it)

How can I delay my period on the birth control pills/patch?

Is skipping your “period” while on birth control pills/patch safe and what are the possible side effects?

How long does it take for birth control pills/patch to effectively protect against pregnancy?

How long does it take my body to adjust to the new birth control pills?

What are the signs or symptoms that the birth control pill I'm taking is not right for me?

What can I do to cope with the side effects?

How should I store the medicine?

What are common birth control pill myths?

What to do if I missed a tablet? (For users of Yaz)

Am I protected during my pill free week/ while on my placebo pills?

How do I start taking the pill?

What to do if I missed a tablet? (For users of Yasmin, Liza, Mercilon, Microgynon, Estelle, Diane 35)

Am I protected during my patch free week?

How do I start using the patch?

Where should I apply the patch?

When do I change the patch?

What should I do if I forget to change my patch?

What should I do if the patch falls off?